Bilyi Nalyv

Bilyi Nalyv

Hot dogs, pies and oysters - with cider and tinctures.

Bilyi Nalyv is a place devoted to our little sins, temptation and bon appetite.

Just let yourself feel the desire that occurs when you think about a glass of cold apple cider.

We pour the cider out of the barrels located under the ceiling. The show-pouring looks like this: a powerful meter flow of cider is broken down, the drink is filled with oxygen and you sea seductive foam, and the taste becomes really rich.

Apple tincture.  You’ll always want a little more.

Hot apple punch with cinnamon warms you up.

Fresh oyster with lemon – an ideal pair for apple cider.

Hot dogs. Classic and Vegan. Chicken and apple pies.

We appreciate your time and your choice, so we have only two rules:

- any product or drink costs 1 euro (29 UAH).

- you will get your order for 3 minutes.

It seems we have a lot in common. We understand your desires. Sea you!